Five Simple Ways to Switch from Fluorescent to LED Lighting on a Budget

Roy Bartholomew Sonora CA
3 min readMar 22, 2023

LED lighting delivers significant savings because of its better energy efficiency. Transitioning from fluorescent to LED can save you $200 or more annually on your power bill.

LEDs provide numerous advantages. For instance, they may have a variety of color temperatures and be dimmable to fit your area. In addition, they last longer than fluorescent lamps.

There are several easy ways to go from fluorescent to LED lighting if you have fluorescent lighting fixtures and want to replace them. Two key advantages of switching to LED lighting are a longer bulb life and considerable energy savings.

Instant fit conversions are among the most popular methods for doing this. The fastest and most straightforward approach to upgrading your current fluorescent lighting is with these.

They are also affordable for anyone who wants a rapid, high-quality improvement without going over budget. It’s also straightforward to install them. They don’t need any electrical modifications — just put them in to replace the outdated light bulbs.

LEDs have several advantages compared to conventional fluorescent and incandescent lights. They are energy-efficient, endure longer, and require less maintenance.

Direct-wire conversions are a cost-effective way to go from fluorescent to LED lighting. You may save time and money on installation with these changes.

Additionally, LEDs may be installed in fixtures that now employ conventional metal halide or high-pressure sodium lights. Thanks to these modifications, your lights will receive a significant makeover, which can also drastically save your energy costs.

Rewiring is another standard method for switching from fluorescent to LED lighting. Bypassing the ballast, this method entails connecting the LED tubes straight into the sockets that already exist.

Utilizing retrofit kits is one of the more cost-effective ways to go from fluorescent to LED lighting. These kits are excellent for commercial applications and are offered for various fittings.

These UL-certified kits are available for purchase online. They come with all the components required for a rapid, affordable upgrade and are simple to install.

Consider ballast bypass conversions to go from fluorescent to LED lighting without replacing all your fixtures. Although the energy savings are substantial, the original fluorescent ballast must be removed and rewired to use this technique.

Plug-and-play LED tubes work without ballasts, unlike conventional fluorescent tubes. They may be used with fluorescent fixtures, ballasts, and direct wire lighting fixtures.

Additionally, this option is far less expensive than replacing the entire fixture. For companies looking for long-term savings and minimal maintenance, it’s a smart option.

This approach is an exceptionally well-liked choice for fluorescent lighting fixtures with two or four bulbs that have a supply wire (black or red) and a neutral wire to each socket. This makes the conversion considerably quicker than rewiring for single-ended tubes since you need to connect the supply wire to the end of the lamp and all of the sockets to the neutral wire in series.

Using integrated LED fixtures, there is a cost-effective way to switch from fluorescent to LED lighting. Although there is a small upfront cost, it is frequently covered by savings on energy costs and standard globe replacements.

They also have a longer lifespan than screw-in lights because they do a better job of dissipating heat. This is because of how these fixtures are made.

These lights often include integrated metal heat sinks to disperse heat. As a result, the LED chips are kept cooler and last longer.



Roy Bartholomew Sonora CA

Roy Bartholomew (Roy Bartholomew Sonora CA) is the Director of Engineering for Modesto, California-based On Guard Security Systems Inc.